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Espresso, the way it should be

The real Italian espresso can be recognised at first sight: thick crema, full body and intense aroma. An unmistakable pleasure, a ritual and style that Lavazza has spread also abroad, thus becoming synonymous with coffee. A Modo Mio delivers Italy’s favourite coffee to homes worldwide.

Lavazza has always placed a strong focus on the quality of its products, monitoring every single phase of the process, from harvesting to packaging. The A Modo Mio technology never fails to deliver a consistent and perfect error-free result: the certainty of all the quality of Lavazza in your cup.

Looks, smell and taste These are the distinctive features of the most loved and famous Italian in the world.

A distinctive pleasure, a ritual and a style that Lavazza has made its own, becoming an icon of Italian espresso coffee.

Espresso means "made rapidly", reflecting the speed at which the coffee is extracted under pressure and served in its cup, making it so concentrated and full of aroma.

Crema This is the symbol that sets apart espresso from other coffee making methods.

A Modo Mio uses an extraction method that ensures the crema is always perfect, thick and delicious.
Perfect crema must be thick, persistent and hazelnut coloured. It should never be frothy, disappear quickly or be too light or too dark.

Body A Modo Mio is guaranteed to be full-bodied and well-balanced.

Careful selection of its blends and its unique extraction method bring excellence to each cup.
The body, it structure or fullness, is the feeling we get from the drink's density, oiliness and viscosity resulting from the substances dissolved in the coffee. The body of the coffee must be separate from the intensity of the flavour and aroma it offers. The flavour of coffee is determined by four basic parameters: sweetness, bitterness, sourness, saltiness. The prevalence of one of them is largely determined by the composition of the blend.

Aroma A Modo Mio's espresso aroma is the result of a process done as it should be.

The true fragrance of properly made espresso.
This is the intensity of the espresso, due to the high concentration of aromas in a small drink.
There are many aromatic sensations: they sometimes resemble flowers, dried fruit or chocolate.
The aromas can be smelled directly in the steam coming off the cup.
The aroma's continue to be released by the coffee, from the cup and while drinking it.

Cup The quality of an excellent espresso also depends on the object that holds it: the coffee cup.

The A Modo Mio cup is perfectly designed to be the perfect shape and size to preserve the pureness of the original flavour. The cup should be no larger than 70 ml capacity, have a truncated cone shape and should be pre-warmed to about 34 - 40 °C.
The crema will therefore be so compact and warm that it will highlight and capture the aromatic elements of the coffee.